Welcome to South Kent Alinement Frame & Brake


Thank you for visiting South Kent Frame and Alinement. We have been servicing the West Michigan area since 1972! Our continued efforts to serve our customers with the highest standards is what makes South Kent Frame and Alinement your next place to service your vehicle.

sk welcome


3 thoughts on “

  1. Since 1972 whenever I drive by your place, I always wonder why you never used the coerrect spelling, “aliGNment”. It was surprising your new sign has the same mistake.


    1. hello david there is a reason we spell it that way . bear alinement equipment who in the early 50,s was one one the main alinement companys spelled it that way because a car is suppose to go in a straight line when it is alined. its also for marketing, and recently I also found out it is a secondary way of spelling it in websters dictionary . but thank you for noticing doug pastoor


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